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Our Heritage

Since its establishment in 1985, La Sorogeeka Interiors has earned a reputation of being one of the world’s leading interior solutions brand. The brand is recognized for translating extravagant fantasies into well-designed functional spaces that anthropomorphize grandeur, richness and opulence. La Sorogeeka specialises in Design, Build, and Fit-out of Luxury Hotels, Palaces, Airports, Corporate Towers and Convention Centres within the Commercial, Residential and Hospitality project domains.

Our Philosophy

Our core values of being passionate, pioneering, progressive and principled allow La Sorogeeka the ability to work cohesively as a team and realise any dream envisioned by our clients and designers. We are able to execute the most complex projects in a timely manner, and within budget, by adhering to our process driven approach, our stringent quality standards and our vertically integrated structure.

Our Team

At La Sorogeeka, we believe it’s our people that make a difference. Each project executed by the world class team is a labour of precise planning and coordination, and our biggest reward is the customers’ satisfaction. Powering the engines at La Sorogeeka is our dynamic workforce that includes 70 Designers, Engineers and Fit-out Specialists, who are supported by 1,500 skilled artisans and craftsmen.

Our Offices

Dubai, UAE: La Sorogeeka’s International Office & Operations are managed through the UAE Office and Showroom, located in the prestigious Boulevard Plaza, Downtown Dubai.

New Delhi, India: Our primary office in New Delhi, India has one of Asia’s largest and most exhaustive integrated design, manufacturing and training facilities spread over sprawling 3 acres. A fully automated and world-class manufacturing unit produces marble, eclectic stone, metal, glass and skillfully crafted furniture.

The Emporio: La Sorogeeka also showcases its work at India’s most prestigious Retail Center- The Emporio, New Delhi. This store serves the purpose of a Showroom as well as a Marketing office for domestic operations.